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Engaging Spaces Built On Budget

Austin has its fair share of high-end, four and five star restaurants. However, this post is meant to showcase what you can do within your budget and the success my clients have had success getting their projects completed. Seventh Flag Coffee Co. was extremely selective with their finished products but worked closely with their general contractor to monitor every cost. This older building presented plenty of challenges from the foundation through to the roof.

Stouthaus Coffee Pub brought in a thoughtful interior design and general contracting team to ensure the right finishes were done once and done right. Self performing some of the wood accent walls and spending time researching specs on lighting and floor saved time and money on their build.

When it comes to a brew pub, there's time, money, and effort spent well before you even design the space since infrastructure and equipment are imperative initial purchases. Utilizing the infrastructure components to add to the design but using them as inspiration and bones of the project was a conservative approach to this build. SLAB BBQ pictured above has enjoyed success finding second generation kitchen and restaurant spaces to hone in on spending and allowing organic growth to occur at all their spaces.

Pet Relocation utilizes open spaces in a fun, efficient manner, while allowing employees ultimate flexibility.

Pictured above is SLAB BBQ's original brick and mortar. This particular shot showcases a great use of art and color with regards to furniture choices. The time, effort, and money spent on the build was minimal which allowed them freedom to be creative with their seating and murals. The artwork lends a fun and laid back atmosphere with a basis in all things hip-hop.

After demolition during renovation, it was discovered this kitchen and open space was perfect when left alone and simply painted to create a unique but cozy industrial setting. The colorful walls and seating brought in the only artwork needed.

Irie Bean shows how some thoughtful exterior living products can stand the test of time and be a very affordable option for creating extra usable space. I have been really fortunate to have these relationships and I'm looking forward to sharing some new projects on the horizon soon!

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