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I Save Business Owner's Four Hours A Week

I Save Business Owner’s FOUR Hours A Week…. by performing site selection & build consulting services.

Prospective Client Space at Fourth&, East Austin

Recently, I learned how to better tell my story. More specifically, five second storytelling – aka, my “Lunch Line Pitch.” Thanks to Scott Andrew James and thanks to Ashland Viscosi making the connections through Creatives Meet Business. I tell myself everyday how lucky I am to work with the most respectable, honest, and hard-working business owner’s in Austin. My clients are special to me, to the people they serve, and they're mostly Austinites. Sitting through this workshop, I realized how difficult it is to express that in a “lunch line." So, I’ve been practicing over the last few weeks and it’s now gotten refined and to the point, while I still maintain a passionate expression of my “job.”

Here’s how I save those hours for you: I’ve spent the last ten plus years building local relationships to make sure your project, from site selection to build out is done on time, on budget, and you enjoy the process. Often the space finding process takes months to years. From the early market-based data, leasing discussions, attorney connections through the build, to the final space walk through with architects, engineers and general contractors. I’ve crafted a network over the years that I can be proud to work with. It’s these professionals, that when properly aligned, can be lead to make a project great.

I strive with every client big or small to have them leave with that feeling that I have nothing else going on. Their project is my focus. I know I’m saving them at least four hours this week. Oh, and that’s 16 hours a month by the way!

Thank you so much to Scott Andrew James, Poet and Author Coach for the five second storytelling tools and techniques. Of course, thank you to Creatives Meet Business! This will not be my last learning event to attend or to share😉

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