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When To Bring In A Space Planner

Hey, Danny! We need more space and our lease is up soon! I get the call every week. It's a great call for me and a great challenge for said company that needs more office, retail or industrial space. Maybe it's a start-up, maybe your company has been around for 23 years and considering telecommuting more, or maybe your dreams of starting a coffee, co-working, and day care all-in-one space are coming to fruition (this is a thing, ya know). Once we start the process of establishing baseline budget and space selection exercises, we then may have a space to tour! Hopefully, more like five to ten spaces if the market supply is sufficient.

Pictured: Space Squared client tour in 2019. Currently planning their move into new H.Q. August 1, 2019.

Let's back up for a second. You're still thinking; What's a "space planner?"

Space Planner: is a registered architect focused on interiors maximizing office, retail, and industrial functions to work effectively together while using space efficiently. Considers the workgroup function the building codes and regulations, lighting, teaming requirements, inter-communication, and storage to make the best use of available space.

Spoiler alert! I am not a space planner, no matter how much I may want to be an architect. I just stick to impressing the client with cool "architecture" terms. We can visualize all day but it won't help our pricing out. Pricing: now that's what I can help with. We need that actual construction budget price knowledge to win at the negotiating table. So, let's see my planning skills....

Pictured above: This is what you get with my design skills

Pictured below: A space planner who's allowed my client to capture the needs and go through construction pricing exercise (Client move-in Q4 2019) Credit: Urban Foundry Architects

Let's talk timing.

When is too early? Hint: the person in this tour (photo below) with me is a space planner! We toured it two days ago the first time.

Never. It's literally never too early. Once you and your partners have two spaces, it's time.

Note in the above photo there is a real life "space planner."

What happens if we wait? Well, no space plan and no construction budget = a loss in negotiating leverage and knowledge of actual budget pricing throughout the lease and into design process. However, once we get into budget we now have established a process for negotiations, for our architect to understand budget restraints, and for our general contractor to establish large cost items and work to get into our comfort zone on details prior to full construction documents.

Space Squared comparison pricing on GC early budget space plan

Who pays for the service? Often times we'll leverage the initial design option or two and ask the potential landlord to pay those costs. Their costs to get the deal done and assist both parties with realistic expectations. With saavy landlords who are experienced, it's an easy ask.

Well, now that we've discussed money; you're ready. I'm ready too, so, let's talk about your space needs.

Pretty spaces that have been well-planned:

Pictured above: Clayton & Little Design Office

Car2Go HQ

Space Squared client Perfect Keto HQ ATX

Space Squared client Socati HQ ATX|512.560.6840

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