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Space Squared Client Requirements in Austin

Client's seeking space March - May 2024 with occupancy proposed immediate through Q1 2025.

Here's a published list of client's we're working on behalf with need for space in the urban Austin market:

Purchase Site - Owner User from Houston 

·  5,000 to 8,000 square feet

·  Central, South, North or an area with a strong soccer scene

·  1 to 5 acres

·  Purchase or lease 

·  Soccer facility + coffee shop concept seeking their second location, first in Austin

Local Brewery Seeking Taproom/Bar and Food

·  Central, South, East, West Austin

·  1,500 sf to 5,000 sf

·  Green space/patio space a must

·  This is a brand experience meets neighborhood bar concept. One decision maker with equity ready to deploy for purchase or lease and improvements. 

·  Purchase or lease Investor Purchase up to $8MM


·       Urban Daycare Seeks 8k sf to 12k sf space in Austin (second location, first in NYC)

·       East, Central, South, or West Downtown within 3 mile 

·       Patio or green space for kid play

·       Drop off parking necessary (8-10 spaces max needed for entire operations)

·       Pref white box or second gen office or retail


Regional Family Real Estate Investor

·  Seeking Small Industrial ($1MM to $5MM)

·  Class B Industrial

·  Austin MSA, San Antonio and Dallas 

·  5k to 45k sf improvements

Wine Girl  (Flying in to Austin to tour sites First Week of April) 

·  Central, Rainey, East, and South 

·  1200 sf to 2500 sf

·  Bar Use Preferred

·  Will have a food component (most likely not 51%) 

2nd Rodeo Sandwiches & Sausage (meat shop, bar, and sandys)

·       Central, South, or East

·       Small Footprint - Second Gen Pref Kitchen 

·       1,000 sf to 2,500 sf

·       Need venthood & pref grease trap in place

·       Experienced operator with two other concepts in Austin

·       Patio a plus


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