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Educate, Inform and Connect: Running with a side of coffee

Written By: Ryan Saunders

Move over South Congress, Nice to Meet you Boggy Creek Trail

For what Austin may lack in crosswalks and bike lanes, they make up for with trails and run clubs.

The crown jewel of course is the Butler Trail but Boggy Creek Trail and Walnut Creek Trail as well as plenty of Strava famous neighborhood routes, make Austin fertile grounds for some extremely prolific run clubs.

Of course, the more interesting part is how does this relate to commercial real estate? 

One of the most popular run clubs, Rawdawg Run Club (sporting more than 56,000 followers on instagram) meets at Camp East (Sammataro Pizza) in the Govalle Neighborhood, Good Grief Run club and Onnit Run club at Noble Joe’s coffee in South Shores and Desnudo coffee even created their own popular run club meeting at their coffee trailer on Webberville as part of the Veracruz village.

(courtesy of Rawdawg Run club instagram)

What impact could this have on Austin real estate?

I prescribe to the train of thought that each neighborhood should be self sustained i.e. you should be able to meet your basic needs within walking distance of your house or apartment. Meaning you only have to get in your car for specialty destinations such as going to work, trying a new restaurant or visiting a big box store.

Business models for restaurants and coffee shops in a city like Austin require more than just food and drinks, owners now must be event planners, community leaders, social media influencers and predictors of cultural phenomenons. 

Running is a lifestyle for some and an opportunity to meet new people for others, combine that with the drive for more and more opportunities for social interaction in cities like Austin where there is a constant flow of people in and out of the city and it becomes clear that the demand for community fitness groups such as run clubs, yoga and more is only going to increase.

Attention Business owners: You now have some new criteria for how to identify the next location for your office space, flex industrial space, restaurant, bar or coffee shop.


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