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Client Story: Locale

Locale is growing company with their HQ in Austin, TX. They have lofty plans and so far tremendously happy clients. Nitesh Gandhi is the founder and he answers some of the toughest questions I can throw at him;)

As we're close to leasing that perfect space for them I wanted to share their story.

Q What’s your why?

I love design, architecture, and walking into a space that makes you just feel good, whether that’s a hotel, coffee shop, bar, or restaurant. It’s all about those experiences and creating + sharing them with others.

Q What’s the BIG goal with Locale? Company vision?

We’re trying to discover and create a better way to stay, one that’s more meaningful, positive, and enriching than a traditional hotel or vacation rental. Our vision is build a trusted hospitality brand in travel and expand our presence to more cities around the US and across the globe.

3. Biggest challenge finding space?

We’re not a traditional startup because we really do run an operating business…on day one we had guests check-in and

use our product. We have a guest service team that works 24/7,

shift based, and finding a space big enough to accommodate our needs when the whole team is together for all hands but flexible enough (and practical enough) on the budget when a chunk of our team works remote is a challenge.

Q Most exciting thing finding space?

Seeing spaces and knowing when the one is “the one,” when it aligns with the brand we’re building and there’s clear overlap. Finally found that!

Q Construction and build out: what drives your vision of company culture?

A friendly, casual atmosphere where you can unplug at times and have a chat with your colleagues. Bright, airy offices to keep everyone energized. Open spaces are key, but the ability to have a private conversation and find a nook within the office to have a moment is critical.

Q Who are your customers?

Our customers are generally the younger demographics, who have tried Airbnb in the past but still appreciate the consistency and amenities found in hotels. We have a strong base of business travelers that stay with us and love the self check-in and check-out and privacy that an apartment provides, and of course families with kids who love having a separate bedroom and living area, especially on longer stays. On average, our length of stay is between 4-5 nights, which is double that of a typical hotel.

Q If you could have your HQ in any other city, where would that be? San Francisco

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